*happy sunday*

sometimes...the life is changing.....and when the life changed not in an expected way sometimes girls cutting their hair.....but....I will never cut my hair promise!!!!.....I will change the *colours*....
and I changed the colours in the first room....accompanied by Mr. X the cat....he kept an eye on me whilest I painted....monkeying around inbetween the buckets with *white* wall paint.....*yikes*
I am in the *white* since a long time ago....I remember more than 10 years ago I had once a little apartment *white* in *white*.....I know, you may did not expected....because of my passion for the strong and bright colours...but it would be not me if there is no colour....because I love the blue....the deep, deep blue of the sahara desert....the *indigo* blue(s)....
so I found my *sleepy* cat...hidden unter the white blankets....isn´t he not looking cute so sleepy? anyway...the cat is always cute ;-)
 yes, of course *laughing*..it´s the bedroom...
and I found several camels....this one *handmade* by my mother....she probably knews more than 30 years ago that her daughter *love* the camels....and she send me a few months ago a *white* one for my birthday...she knew that I would love to have a *white* one....
so..I guess the *white* camel is happy inbetween more *desert* treasuries....a shimmering *golden* brass sun from Mali, my friend Maryam gave to me...handmade tuareg leather tassels from the *sahara* found their way to me....vintage *trade* beads crossed in morocco my way.....a *silver* antique palestinian bedouin bracelet I found years ago in the old *souk* of Amman....a orange *black* red tassel string belt my grandfather brought with from his middle eastern travels in the 50s...
 may I serve you inbetween the little bedroom tour a little *cardamom* flavoured mocca?
may you asking no *shoes? what? I do not own many pairs of high heels....or boots..but it´s hard to resist passing by any moroccan *babouche* shop without having a look inside....so...finally I own after years wearing & collecting moroccan leather slippers a *giant* basket full of it....*ahem*.. ;-)
winter is coming soon....and it is getting cold like *ice* in germany very quick...so there is an urgent need for many blankets...and cushions....handmade *couscous* wool blankets....yes this is the name :-) made in morocco I found at a friends shop in Essaouira...usually used for traditional men´s djellabas....a knitted, oversized clay *mohair* shawl, not knitted by me but by someone else....two handmade *ranipink* cushions :-) the squared made from vintage grainsack..100% pure handloomed fishbone patterned linen, found the linen fabric 8 years ago on a local flea market...and a shimmering *turquoise* and silver neckroll...made from handloomed, indian vintage silk brocade :-)
and the *knitting* is going on.....for the *wintertime* :-)
my bed is made from 3 pieces of...I do not know the english word exactly but here it named *europaletten*...used for carry heavy items on trucks usually...my father gave it to me when I moved out of my parents home a long time ago, made from natural wood and I painted it *white* for my first home.

I found the moroccan vintage *wedding* blanket also years ago here in germany....when no one was looking for this *beauty* made in morocco, I remember when I saw the picture...the picture was so bad and ugly looking but I spotted the beauty :-) In case you looking for one, my friend Maryam from MyMarrakesh is selling the prettiest vintage ones!

I love the way she decorated traditional, moroccan wedding blankets at her peacock pavilions...it was definitely a huge inspiration for me, before I used my one as a carpet...*ahem* as the magic carpet. :)

the room is still not finished but...it is a good step I moved forward, I plan making heavy running stitch *quilted* linen blinds for the wintertime, the *blue* sahara tie tyed fabric is just for now....*hah* and stay tuned...the *colours* are coming, soon..but the *brightest* ones for the eyes!

I am going now to make moroccan *pancakes* & mint tea, *fresh* fruit salad and coriander flavoured eggs for late *breakfast*...

*happy sunday*

images: petra hassan

P.S.: after the first night sleeping under the moroccan wedding blanket...I felt like pinned & glued....because of hundreds of metal sequins....*don´t move* ;-)


  1. Dein Schlafzimmer ist wunderschön geworden:)! Unter so einer Märchendecke liege ich leider noch nicht...aber ich träume davon, und was wären wir...ohne Träume;)!
    schicke dir liebe Grüße

  2. Anonym26.9.10

    Liebe Petra,
    das Zimmer ist sehr stimmungsvoll. Blau und glitzernd. Als Lektüre vor dem Schlafen würde ich in solch einem Raum den "Nachtflug" von Saint d'Exupery vorschlagen.

  3. Your home is like a dream!And the sleepy cat is so cute. As always I sit here by your blog and dream away

  4. Nothing to say but BEAUTYFULL

    I like anything ...

    I m coming to share a cup of coffee or tea as you like ahah

    Good life!

  5. Steph und Niall4.10.10

    Hallo Petra,

    Auf Englisch sagt man nur "pallet" : )
    Dein Schlafzimmer ist echt ruhig, super schön
    und gemütlich!

    Liebe Grüße von uns.