*style of the week*

this week: something *blue*...*blue*...and *blue*... ;-)
today I was wearing one of my silk skirts, I love the iridescent *saltwater* colour...I always remember a day in Essaouira....I woke up in the morning....fresh brewed *moroccan* coffee....climbed up on the rooftop and watched the colour of the atlantic sea....like my skirt :-)
for a hint of  *desert* style I added the *all time* favourite, oversized sahara shawl....yes..the *blue* one...
and wore it in a different style than usual with a handmade silk & vintage indian brocade waistbelt, black basic shirt and *aqua* coloured, pointed moroccan leather *babouche*

seriously...I felt like a little *princess* today who just felt off the *magic carpet*...

images: petra hassan

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