*happy sunday*

sunday, sunshine....warm weather...what a bliss!
I want to say *thank you* so much for all the lovely comments left on my blog the past few week *wow* :-)

today; the bride will pick up her wedding dress later this afternoon, I will write soon about this, too...I have to finish some more clients orders and want spend time updating my dawanda shop later this evening again...

*inbetween*....I will take from time to time a *cardamom* mocca break, closing my eyes for a moment and flying on the magic carpet to the *white* camel :-) but...the adventure is going on, soon....

*happy sunday*

image: petra hassan

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  1. I have been away for a while to meet Bono and his friends ;) Your blog always lifts my spirits. I just love the colours and your magic carpet. Hugs