*atlas mountain garden*

one day in *spring*....I went over the mountains....over the *atlas* mountains...
little *gardens* passed by...on the left and on the right...and I was not at any time tired watching.... watching the colours...yes...sometimes I was falling asleep....12 hours in a moroccan *style* CTM bus is a looooong time on the way to the *desert*.... ;-)
the strongest *greens* I never had seen before... mountain rocks in pink and red shades...and the famous pink *roses* in the valleys...
inspiration *overload* :-)
for a few, handmade & limited pieces of *atlas mountain garden* pillows in the *strongest* green & pink shades :-)

images: petra hassan

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  1. Hi Petra ! how are you ?

    WOOOOWWW everything is beautifull!!! the colors, those pillows wow! LOL as usual your work is magnifiqueeee!

    See you inchAllah!

    ps: have you thinking about me for the sfifa and buttons please lol thanks!!!

    I'm stay tuned ...