*style of the week*

it´s a long time ago that I posted my *style of the week*....most of the time I am wearing one of my comfortable *ranipink* linen dresses and a big shawl...but when I am going for work at H&M a few hours a week... I want to be *pretty* dressed, the hairs well made and *rouge rebelle* lipstick ;-)
after the *hot* weeks the weather was cooling down last night and I wore my favourite *cool wool* pants, a simple black shirt....the latest *desert* finding....a *pretty* black berber womens shawl, made in the morocco, decorated with little, silver metal sequins :-)
my favourite *tassel necklace* in chalky turqoise & green shades...handmade from czech glassbeads, chalcedon gemstone, austrian crystal and a vintage afghan bead I found last year in the *grand bazar* in Istanbul....and a *gift* I got from my friend Mustapha in Essaouira....a handmade black *tuareg* wool string necklace, decorated with little pieces of greenish turqouise leather...usually this string is part of a traditional necklace with a beautiful silver amulet..guess the amulet is lost somewhere in the *desert* ;-)
my favourite silver leather sandals...made in *Marrakech*....ah..and some kind of  *bavarian* style braids ;-)

images: petra hassan

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  1. You look wonderful! I don´t know if you have heard about the shop "Indiska" you would fit in there perfectly. My favorite shop. And I still hope and dream I could visit your shop some day :)