*happy sunday*

and *news* of the Essaouira cat family :-)
I took this picture a few weeks ago in Essaouira....the red cat family is still there...and the day I arrived the mother cat got 4 more kitten again :-) ...the family is growing....this is one of the spring born kitten :-)
I am watching the cats in the Rue Marrakech in Essaouira now for more than one year....and I am happy that my friend Mustapha is taking care about them...what a bliss!

This makes me many times thinking about that many people in morocco really don´t take care in general...about animals and about each other....this is one of the dark sides in this country...there are much more darker sides...my friend Maryam told me a sad story about a moroccan woman who had been treat in many bad ways by her husband, there are thousands of women outside who are not able to live a free life....in morocco and of course...everywhere in the world...

....and how happy I am that I can live a free life and my the deepest respect for my dear friend Maryam who is listening many times to the worst stories about women life in many countries & working hard on programms to help women for a better life situation....we are really lucky girls, she told me...we are living such a great & independent life...yes, and she is so true....!

*happy sunday*

images: petra hassan

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  1. I love cats, my heart feels for them. But after reading you post I know there is more "important" things in life. I am happy to live in a free country. And I love your and Maryams blogs.
    Take care my friend