*sir john*

my beloved *cat*....
just took the *magic carpet*...a colourful one....flyed away...forever.....

*sir john* the cat R.I.P. (1997-2010)

image: petra hassan


  1. I am so sorry. I actually sit here and cry. I send you alot of love.

  2. oh Elisa.....it happened last night...after I finished my work at 1...I went to the living room because I felt something and gave him a hug...and he started a little bit coughing..and after 5 minutes maximum felt asleep....and *sir john* whispered..."say hello to Nemo"....

    he lost within 2-3 weeks that much weigh...last week emergency vet and the said it was a tumor...or so..the cat was never, never sick in 13 years...the only thing is..I am happy that there is no pain for *sir john* anymore....

    thx so much...*love*&*hugs* to you and Nemo :-)

  3. Liebe Petra,

    es ist so hart, ein geliebtes Tier gehen lassen zu müssen. Ich mag gar nicht daran denken, weil es sooo weh tut...

    In Gedanken bei dir, Anette

  4. drück dich.
    liebe grüße

  5. Ach,liebe Petra, das tut mir so leid! Aber, wie du schreibst, es ist gut dass er nicht mehr leiden muss!
    Und er hat bestimmt ein wunderbares Katerleben inmitten deiner Welt aus 1001 Nacht gehabt!!!
    Hoffe, dir geht es gut und schicke dir viele liebe Grüße:-)!

  6. *sir john* is now in a magical place where he can keep an eye on you. He will always have a special place in my and Nimbus heart.