*happy weekend*

my dearest readers!
the last few days had been filled with a little *sadness* but I am still smiling.....
last night...we burried the beloved cat....covered with *pink* and *white* roses....words in arabic, swedish and german had been spoken....
and I want to say *thank you*tack*merci*danke*tanemert*shukran*grazie*.......
to all of you for all the nice and sweet words....for the *virtuell* flowers friends sent me from the desert....and for all the thoughts filled with *love*....I am thankfull for the great time I had with *sir john* the cat....he always made me *laughing*....13 years every single day :-)
*Mr.X* my tabby white cat is still with me...and making me laughing every day, too :-)
I wish all of you a very *happy weekend*....filled with lots *sunshine*love*relaxing time* and *laughing*...

after the rain comes always the sun!

images: petra hassan


  1. My thoughts have been flying to Hannover this week because I knew you would be saying goodbye to your beloved pet. Animals have a way of keeping us in the present and not letting us be too worried about the future or too critical of the past. They want love and they want it NOW. That 's a huge gift. In return, you give your babies a safe haven in this crazy world.

    Many warm thoughts to you.

  2. Thats why I love cats, they make you smile every day

  3. oh lala the pouf is beautifull ahahahaha ...

    And the cat have chance lolll