*more blue(s)*

I am totally in the *blue(s)*.....like always... ;-) no day without wearing something *blue*...
and my clients are in the *blue(s)*, too....
had cutted the past few days...let me say...feels and looks like *tons* of silk and linen...80% of the customized orders I am working on *blue* linen & silk dresses, skirts and something else....ultramarine, saltwater blue, chalcedon blue, turqouise, aquamarine, teal....
finally...a *sweet* girl ordered today....a bright *cobalt* blue silk dress, too ;-)

what a colour!!!

ah...and *inbetween* I am working on a special version of the ranipink basic silk dress...the colour will be the *prettiest* bright *cobalt* ever...for *desert* queens, nomadic girls, for you and...for me!

pictures: Hassan Krifa for ranipink


  1. I am crazy about the blues :D I love the blue shawls! And the dress and that and that and that

  2. *hihi* Elisa..you are so *cute* :-) thx very much!! tack *hihi*