*queen of sabra*

never heard before in your life? ...may you thinking now about the *queen of sheba*...??
*hhh* come with me and discover the *beauty* of *sabra*.... :-)
sabra means *cactus silk*....superfine thread made from some kind of  *cactus*....soft, shiny and dyed in 1001 bright colours....
and wherever you are going in morocco, the *queen of sabra* is crossing your way....in little shops packed with tons of thread....
whenever you passing by someone who is wearing a traditional moroccan *djellaba*...you can find sabra transformed  into cute, little *buttons* and traditional *trim*....
carefully choosen.....trust by Rachid in his shop, he will find for sure the perfect matching colour for your fabric...and measuring the old fashioned way.!

images: petra hassan

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