*happy sunday*

with *love*....to all of you, my *dearest* readers....
with two beautiful *magic* pictures....
filled with *love*....found in the alleys of the *windy* of the windy medina of Essaouira :-)

I am still impressed every time I am watching this, my photographer friend Hassan took them a few weeks ago when I worked with him in Essaouira and I am happy to share it with all of you. So I wish all of you a very *happy sunday* filled with love and relaxing hours :-)

images: Hassan Krifa


  1. Petra and Hassan: I tried to post a comment about these great photos a while back, but somehow my Internet connection was not cooperating. I LOVED this post and the pictures - this is an absolute rarity to see in Morocco, and it is a joy. This is the picture of true love, and of a couple who are not afraid to show it - for religious reasons or otherwise. Good for them. I would love for the religious clerics in certain other countries to see this scene, and to know that this is the way happy couples can and should look, instead of being separated by walls, doors, and too much space. Great, great post.

  2. thanks so much Krista :-)