*the traveller*

may I introduce you to this nice *gentleman*?
he was a *traveller*.....
 went to the *oriental* countries....
 visited *ancient* places....
 *caravaning* with the camels....
take a *horse* ride...
 building streets...
in front of the *pyramides*.....
surounded by *très chic* guys....in these times... ;-)
 keep an eye of the *daily* life....
 and the *beauty* ;-)
and a *different* view of life....
dearest *grandpa*....I am  missing you, we are missing you...now I am watching the sky...saying *happy birthday* to you.....and thinking about you, your life and your travels....and continue travelling in your footsteps and watching the life with a different view....

wherever you are....I am sure you watching my *adventures* in the oriental...and the adventures continue...soon... ;-)

written with love for my beloved *grandma & family* and for you *grandpa* (1925-2009)


images: petra hassan


  1. What a beautiful photo documentary for clearly a very special man. It is so touching, what times he lived in - what he saw, experienced, gave on to his family, to you....very beautiful indeed, Petra. My heart goes out to your sensitivity for assembling this, it speaks not only of your grandfather, but of you as well.

  2. I can see you follow your granpas footsteps! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images. I should have had your magic carpet this week. I was supposed to be back home from Amsterdam on sunday, I arrived home this morning. I was supposed to fly home but had to take trains, busses and ferries. Maybe your magic carpet can take home all those stranded people in Europe :)

  3. In Gedanken und mit Gänsehaut bin ich bei dir!
    Schön, wenn dein Vorhaben in der Sahara geklappt hat!?

    Liebe Grüsse, Anette

  4. So many amazing photos your grandfather had. Its very touching and very inspired. Thank for sharing those timeless photos :) ... and lets the adventure continues ....

  5. Das sind wunderschöne Bilder und Erinnerungen. Man merkt, dass du seine Enkelin bist...und in seinen "footsteps" unterwegs:-)!
    schicke dir ganz liebe Grüße

  6. Dieter26.4.10

    ein sehr schöner Nachruf mit tollen Fotos unseres Opas. Opa du fehlst uns


  7. thx so much to all of you :)