*happy sunday*

come with me...
I´ll carry you away....on the *magic* carpet.....to the *beach*....

*happy sunday* :-)

P.S.: new traditional moroccan teaglasses made from *recycled glass* coming soon in my hannover shop :-) 

picture: Hassan Krifa for ranipink


  1. Oh, this picture, with its blue and green, is lovely. And I didn't know they made teaglasses of recycled glass - that is great! I also wanted to send you a similar photo that I have, with the same beautiful Teekannen Djellabla I have from you. Salah had been given 2 little sets of teacup and saucer from Fez, handpainted white and blue, and he has a little silver teapot and tray, and we set it all up with your beautiful Tee Djellaba and took the picture so I could send it to you. But where do you think the picture is now - still on his cellphone, of course! Will do it one day soon.

  2. Thank you! I am dreaming of ride on a magic carpet to the beach. Love this photo