two weeks ago, early in the morning....I woke up....*ice cold* Marrakech morning...*sipping* aromatic moroccan *coffee*....
someone was *knocking* on the door in the medina, a giant *moroccan* taxi driver in a hooded *Djellaba*...the most tallest moroccan I ever have seen.....;-)
picked up my this time really heavy weight luggage in a way like there is nothing inside *ahem*...and walked fast through the quiet and *sleeping* alleys of Marrakech....the luggage, the *giant* taxi driver and *me* in a super *petite* taxi...driving fast through the *darkness*....
he jumped fast out of the *petite taxi*....I went out of the taxi, too...and....noticed that the airport *policeman* moved next to me...again....speaking to me in a strong english: "wherrrre have you been all the time, girrrl"??

*déjá-vu* :-)

same place, same time one year ago.....

finally I left  with the excuse that I am in a hurry for check in for my flight, before the *policeman* whispered "girl, I am waiting for you, same place, next time"...me, still wondering, I did not wore not the yellow knit and not the lemon *citrine* silk skirt this time, but a cobalt *blue*blue* wool coat....than I found out that I wore on this *ice cold* morning in Marrakech the same hair dress like one year ago.... :-)

and I am still *smiling*.....! the *moroccan* adventures continue, soon....!

images: petra hassan

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