style of the week :-)

this week: colour inspiration :-)
sitting on a *green*green* carpet....
wearing *yellow*yellow* pointed, soft leather babouches...
and deep *indigo* blue...with a hint of *white*....
in a *magic* country....in a *blue* and *white* city....and watched myself in a *yellow* and *blue* painted mirror....



  1. Marie-P31.12.09

    Hi there! Where do you get this fabric (in blue and white?). I remember seeing Mauritanian women wear this but was wondering what it is called? Soooo pretty!!!

  2. *hello* :-) this fabrics called *mlhafa* or *mlhefa* the women in the western sahara/mauritiania wearing this like a wraparound ;-)I still have some pieces in different colours here in my atelier in Germany, if you are interested mail me ranipink(at)hotmail.de
    *happy new year* :-)