*silent morning*

it was quiet....too quiet.....silence everywhere....I felt like hundred pairs of hidden, dark eyes watching me.....following the black headed girl in a dark linnen dress, wearing a blue, blue scarf walking down the street....

and....I still had no coffee this morning.....
following the smell of fresh baked bread.....and found the only one bakery on this *silent* morning, what a bliss! :)

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  1. Anonym2.12.09

    That's probably because many pairs of dark eyes were following you as you walked - I still feel like people are staring at me as I walk down a street, though maybe they aren't anymore. I can't get used to the idea that I will always be a foreigner here - wonder if people will ever stop caring about that? Glad you found a bakery to chill at. Happy relaxing in Essaouira! Krista