this year is past, soon....what a year!
lots of working...sometimes I spent 16 hours a day in my atelier....but the result is it worth...lots of travelling...I spent hours and hours exploring the souks of morocco, jordan and turkey....

in between a little *tea break*...I remember the time when I visited the Grand Bazar in Istanbul....sitting on a little chair, a little glass strong, sweet *turkish black tea* and it was raining...heavy spring rain over Istanbul...the man who served the tea gave me little turkish biscuits as a little gift...for the tea *what a bliss*!

after I went to a little shop..asked for something special and the friendly young man took me to a place over the rooftops of the Grand Bazar....I found myself in a place like in Ali Baba´s cavern....after the Bazar was closing I went to my little, cozy hotel room....my silver ballerinas wet...wet of the rain....and I was listening the rain....*break* woke up in the morning and felt like the Muezzin of the Sultan Ahmet mosque is sitting next to me with a giant megaphone...calling for the morning prayer..... ;-)
sometimes...sometimes I felt *sad* and *ugly*.....a lost, beloved grandfather....a broken heart....and a lost friendship....sometimes I counted the windows of the big building in front of my atelier...again and again...sometimes I wanted to escape....going far away in a *desert oasis*....somewhere in the middle of the nowhere....*hidden* and *silence*...but after the rain comes always the sun! *what a bliss*! :-)
I thank god for this year, for all the experiences...the good ones and the bad ones....and for my dear family, my friends, especially for the great support of my friends who are living in morocco.... I am still touched and want to say *shukran bezzafff* again for the always very warm welcome....for my clients and all of you, my blog readers...the silent readers and the readers who left a comment from time to time :-)

I never did new years resolutions...but I guess that I will spend more time than before living and working between the two countries *germany* and *morocco* and the adventure is going on...soon!

*happy new year 2010*

pictures: Hassan Krifa


  1. "Die Welt ist nicht größer als das Fenster, das du ihr öffnest"

    Mache mein Fenster immer ganz weit auf für deine Welt und freue mich über alle Entdeckungen:-)

    Wünsche dir, liebe Petra, alles Glück für das kommende Jahr!

  2. Happy New Year to you too! i wish you plenty more splendid experiences without shadows and many many more trips to the beauties of the world!