*style of the week*

and how I became a *pirate* girl today....
I love to wear this dark linen dress...it goes perfect with one of my new brocade waistbelts...shades of blueish jade green, silver, a hint of dark pink and aquamarine silk...
so...and this exciting new accessoire...an aquarmarine, pure silk *pirate* patch..of course it should go perfect with my dress, belt and sparkling, moroccan slippers... ;-)


I sat this morning checking e-mails and felt there is something going wrong with my right eye...I removed the contact lens and went to the pharmacie for buying eye drops...in case I got an *pink eye*...and it happened... :-(
now I am not able sewing anymore for today...I am watching everything *fuzzy*...time to close my eyes..for today ;-)

I had this once, last year in summer and know that it was gone the next day...hopefully...I am a bit afraid...lots of sewing/embroidery work to do and less time...


  1. Anonym16.11.09

    You are a trendsetter, Petra - maybe you can start a new "pirate" style - eyepatches in beautiful Indian and Moroccan fabrics. I can "see" it now. I had pinkeye last year too, and it took a couple days to go away. Hope it gets better soon. Krista

  2. Liebe Petra,
    oh...rote Augen kenn ich, hab ich auch ab und zu...aber pinkeye hört sich definitiv hübscher an;-). Da wünsch ich dir mal gute Besserung!
    Hast ja wieder superschöne Sachen gemacht!
    schicke dir liebe Grüße

  3. Petra come and visit us at Zamzam Riad in Marrakech I would love to meet you, Emma 0661215062, very excited about the desert albumn downloading it now!