Khmissa Morocco Design

I meet a wonderful Lady past weekend...
in her beautiful shop filled with moroccan treasuries...a spicy taste of Morocco in Bavaria ;-)
rare to find antiques, beautiful pillows and cozy wool blankets, moroccan candles....
delicate pottery, metal filigree and modern teatables...
precious table- and glassware, the softest leather cushions in brilliant colours, moroccan poufs, beautiful lanterns and moroccan leather slippers...
pretty decorated teaglasses, vintage trays, and cool modern pottery in stunning colours...there are so much more items to discover at
the perfect fusion between traditional moroccan artwork and contemporary design :-)
find now handpicked ranipink jewellery at the Khmissa shop in Munich, too :-)

KHMISSA Morocco Design
Kazmairstr. 33
80339 München

*merci* Bettina :-) It was a pleasure to meet you!

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