*hello*hello* :-)

it´s me again :-) *Sir John* the cat is speaking to you!
the weather is cold outside and I spend most of the time sleeping, hanging around and playing with my cat brother *Mr.X* and...
my cozy friend, the little camel ;-)
the little camel was disappeared for years...I guess it was caravaning....and now join us again every day...
and I asked the *girl* where is this camel came from? She told me that more than 30 years ago her sweet mum knitted this little camel for her as a gift....now I know why she is completely addicted to the camels...and the cats...probably there is any disappeared knitted cat somewhere else, too? questions over questions to ask for... ;-)

aah...and I wish, wish that the girl is taking me once to morocco, on that beautiful beach where she is always going to take a camel ride...and imagine..me and the girl on the top of a camel..riding... ;-)

written with love by
*Sir John* the cat *purr*

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  1. Ha ha lovely! Hi Sir John! :D Take me with you to morocco