*happy friday*

what a week!!
I feel a little bit exhausted...sometimes there is too much inspiration, work to do and inbetween managing the daily life with all the routine, joy and trouble...I don´t want complaining, I did the decision living this way a long time ago and I really enjoy it....only sometimes...sometimes I want to disappear for a while.... ;-)

I wish I can take a magic carpet and flying to an desert oasis far away...surounded by silence and the desert, yesterday I meet a friend and she just came back from the Siwa oasis....

I am going back soon for a few days to Morocco, finishing part II of my fotoshooting -this time we want to shoot in my beloved Essaouira- and I am going to meet clients and working on a nice and exciting project we want to launch, soon...stay tuned! :-)

*happy friday*

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