essaouira cat tale III

*hello*hello* do you remember me?? I growed bigger...
I am one of the little Essaouira kitten! ;-) the *girl* visit us every time when she is coming to her friend Mustapha´s shop in the Rue de Marrakech....*purr*
ahh...this nice Mustapha..he treat us very well with fresh fish...you know...we are real *souiri* cats...fish every day keeps the doctor away! :-)
with my funny cousin, the tabby cat next to me...we are playing and hanging around every day...don´t you remember my cousin?
*look*!! how cute and little my cousin was more than one year ago...aah..I know the *girl* is a really cat lover....
me, the sweet mum and my 3 brothers/sisters are doing very well...the sun is shining and we enjoy the day...watching the people in the streets..hidden between *magic carpets*....sleeping *zzzzzz* and looking forward for the next visit of the *girl* ;-)

*happy weekend*


  1. I love, love, love cats! :D I love your images. Hope you have a wonderful sunday