*Baba Gi*

do you want to be *perfect* dressed for a walk in the medina of Essaouira?
I took a walk in the medina some time ago and colourful, indian lanterns attracted my attention :-) and I stepped into the shop....
felt like a little girl in a pretty treasure box...*magic*
filled with indian vintage Beauty and comfortable cushions...
cotton and silk scarfs in delicate colours....
the most beautiful pictures of Essaouira I have ever seen...I *heart* this ones....
and of course, something blue and turquoise....
there are lots and lots more unique treasures from allover the world to discover in the *Baba Gi* shop...handwoven fabrics from Guatemala, moroccan fusion style vintage clothes, feathery indian cotton tunics, supercute childrens clothes, sparkling embroidered vintage sarees from India, handmade jewellery and gorgeous bags, clothes and artwork of young designers like haiku and a brazilian designer who is living in Marrakech and created the most beautiful wrap wool coat I ever have seen....

and at least... you can also find handpicked *ranipink* products in Essaouira at the *Baba Gi* shop now :-)

*merci* Chouchou :-)

Baba Gi shop
179 rue Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
Essaouira (medina)


  1. I would love to visit that shop!

  2. Love the picture, thank you so much!! In contrary to most other pictures which make their way to our home, its allready up on the wall!
    xxoo /the swedish neighbour :)

    psst, also just blogged about blue and turquise

  3. *cool* :-) I want to buy more of the beautiful pic´s next time ;-) ;-)