where I had been hidden again? ;-)
I found myself two days ago, wearing a blue, blue scarf and sparkling cobalt blue jewellery...sitting next to a blue, blue door...felt so lucky like never, ever in my life before...
wearing a pair of pink, pink babouche and a bright safron yellow skirt with hot pink flower embroidery and sparkling mirrors in the moroccan sunlight...
and a hot and sweet glass of black coffee in an Essaouira street Café on the table in front of me :-)

what happened to me, you might ask yourself now? I went to morocco for a few exciting working projects...my first fotoshooting in Marrakech and a few new (pssst..still secret) projects...and what then happened to me...I feel still overwhelmed and like sitting inbetween a huge treasure box :-)

stay tuned...more about my magic moroccan adventures and the most funniest Marrakech fotoshooting with my dear friends Sandra, Danica and Hassan are coming soon!! *lucky me*

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  1. Exciting. I look forward to hear more about your moroccdan adventure.