*hello*hello* :-)

it´s me again...*Sir John* the cat is speaking to you tonight :-)
it is cold outside...and I spent the day with sleeping and watching the falling leafs of the big maple tree...and me and the other cat carried lots of leafes inside the living room...as a pretty gift for the girl...
ah...and I feel so comfortable and cozy...
*roll*purr* ;-)
the girl put all the floor pillows on the top of the old suitcase....
ah...and why I always feel that I am sitting inbetween a moroccan lantern shop? questions over questions to ask for....!

*happy weekend* cats and kittens ;-) *purr*


  1. Sir John is lovely! What a wonderful place he has. My cat Nimbus send hugs to Sir John

  2. The last photo is amazing... and there's nothing like a cuddly cat to give a space instant style !