Ramadan experience

during my last stay in Morocco, Ramadan, the month of fasting had started. It was the first time that I spent time there during these days and asked myself before a few times "how would it be"? I do not fast because I am not a muslima and there is no reason for me to do this but I want to share with you this experience I hade during these days....and the first day had started...
I decided to have breakfast in my room because I felt not comfortable to eat in front of friends who fast. When I left the house later, I found out that most of the Restaurants/Café´s are open like every day...and lots of Visitors/Tourists had their lunch or coffee/tea in public...I also watched a few moroccans who also had their coffee in public during the day...and was really wondering....what should I say?

For my opinion there is no reason not to travel to Morocco during the Ramadan because the life is going as usual, except one/two hours before the "breakfast" after sunrise... and this makes me still smiling:

I visited the farmers market at one of the days...and it looked like that the whole population of Essaouira bought fruits, vegetables, meat, bread and special sweets like crazy....everybody was running, yelling and buying and went back home so fast preparing everything for the breakfast :-)
Finally, after I spent a few hours in the Souk during the day with picture taking and treasure finding.....I went to the cool blueish courtyard of the al Madina Riad in the heart of the Medina, refreshed myself with my all time favourite, the moroccan mint tea...and wrote down inspirations and ideas for new projects....This is a nice place to rest hidden from the public view on the street :-)

We should give the people who fast the respect, because we are the Visitors in their country and should not forget that there is a different culture, mentality and religion.
P.S.: visit the al Madina Riad in Essaouira, enjoy a delicious tea or coffee...and watch the little birds taking a shower in one of the fountains filled with fresh rose petals :-) relaxing time guaranteed!

Al Madina
9, Rue Attarine
Essaouira, Morocco

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