the wool dyer :-)

last week somewhere in Marrakech....
I went lazy through the Souk and the weather was hot....very hot...everybody was lazy, too...the guys even where too lazy yelling behind every tourist who passed by ;-)
I walked and walked...stopped at this place, watched fascinated the wool dyers work...and wished I can do once this, too...
asked him shy in my *broken* moroccan arabic for taking some pictures...he allowed me to step in the little working space....
filled with that much wool...red was the colour of the day...on this hot, hot Monday in Marrakech.

I left, with a smile on my face, crazy knitting ideas went through my mind...and *felt* into the next shop...and bought little, embroidered felted beads in amazing colours...what a bliss! :-)


  1. sometimes i will visit you in marocco :-).

  2. oh jaaaa :-) Mrs. Limetrees and Mrs. Ranipink in Morocco, great idea :-)