the white gold...

of Essaouira :-)
the first time we had a salad in Essaouira 2005, I tried to find out, how it comes that this simple salad made from green pepper, tomato, olives and onion with green lemon and olive oil tasted so super delicious?
the secret of the salad was the salt :-)
in between traditional pottery and handwoven baskets, a lovely grandpa ;-) is selling the most delicious and aromatic salt I ever tasted. Since that time, we are buying it at every visit and "salted" up our life with a taste of morocco :-)

You will find the little shop next to the fishmarket in the Medina of Essaouira, watch out for the blue mug and buy the "white gold of Essaouira" for a few Dirhams :-) He also offers in his shop for sale wonderful handwoven baskets and beautiful tajines (the traditional moroccan cooking pot) in every size you need.

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  1. hihi, hab auch ganz viel salz aus dem urlaub mitgebracht :-). liebe grüße bianca