chez Habiba :-)
every time I spent in Essaouira, I try to visit my sweet friend Habiba. She´s a real master artist of the traditional Henna painting and she also has a impressive knowledge about the moroccan beauty traditions, spices and finest handmade cosmetics.
I meet her first in 2005 and she done the most beautiful henna painting on my hands I never had before...
she also know, that I love the traditional patterns...
and decorated my hands during my last stay a few weeks ago with another stunning painting :-)
She also offers finest, handmade cosmetics in her shop based on old Berber beauty traditions like rose scented argan oil lotion, savon beldi (black hammam soap), a nice range of handmade solid soaps and my favourite product "Ghassoul" a delicate rose scented mineral clay from the Atlas mountains mixed with soap for a relaxing shower :-)

Colourful pigments and spices are also available for sale in her shop, in case you want to change the wallpaint at your home and give your home cooking a moroccan flavour.

If you visit Essaouira once, please don´t miss to visit this nice lady. Her shop is located in a beautiful, little alley in the old medina opposite of the Museum of Essaouira and while you are enjoy a glass of fresh mint tea, it will be a pleasure for her to decorate your hands with beautiful henna patterns :-)

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