Essaouira love :-)

come with me...
and take a walk...
with a beautiful oriental fairy...
in the magic medina of Essaouira...
took a break in between the magic carpets and watch the little details...
double layered neckholder robe which is made from shimmery dupioni silk, indian heavy embroidered vintage silk chiffon, traditional moroccan trim and little buttons from local (Essaouira) crafters :-)

"gnaoua style" caftan coat which is made from iridescent ultraviolet silk with heavy shell embroidery, traditional moroccan trim, buttons and little tassels

tassel necklace which is made from vintage trade beads, amethyst gemstone and sparkling austrian crystal

ear jewellery made from austrian crystal
1001 thanks to sweet and beautiful Nawal :-)

The full collection "Essaouira love" is now for sale in my Hannover studio :-) the collection contains also unique items and reorderable clothes in different colours and sizes (custom made)

for more information please contact me at ranipink@hotmail.de :-)

P.S.: stay tuned, more magic "Essaouira love" tales are coming within the next few days...!

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