oh, happy day....

I asked myself many times " how long does it takes just to sew some (170 pieces) little shells on that coat"??

usually I love to do any embroidery work and can´t get enough of it, but this one with the little shells....is...*ahem* something special and needs plenty of time....o.k. I like it but it´s different...;-) but I know myself very well, I would do it again....*hehe*

The coat is still not finished on this picture, but this is one of the key pieces for my next fashion show and also a part of my summer collection "essaouira love" :-)

...the fashion show...*ahemm*after lots of e-mails to someone in Morocco I still got no response and still don´t know where and what....but I am not that sort of kind who is worry about that, the moroccan clocks are going usually lower than the german ones....so I will continue sewing and preparing everything, because I am leaving in about four weeks Germany for another nice trip to Morocco *yippie* :-)


  1. Wow! The coat is absolutely wonderful. And, do not worry about moroccan clocks... :-) I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly. Go on!

  2. so much work ... but so beautiful :-).

  3. This coat looks very lovely Petra!