a little moroccan holiday...

for your mind, eyes and soul this sunday, just in case if you still not booked a flight to Marrakech... ;-)

I bought the issue N. 705 of the Vogue Italia yesterday because of this:

the beautiful cover with a djellaba wearing girl...looks like a fisherman wool djellaba...but who knows? ;-) and inside....

raspberry pink walls, beauty, frutis *ahemm* fruits and a little pictures over the roofs of Marrakech....oriental delirium?

and more beauty....

and finally I felt also in love with this picture...I really love the whole picture stream (there are more pictures inside) and noticed that lots of magazines had moroccan/oriental style pic´s in their last issues....but this is the most beautiful one I watched :-)

P.S.: the outfit of the first pic is....I want to wear it, now!! ...no, I have to go back to my sewing machine...made last night the wedding dress for my (I still got no reply from this woman in morocco...) fashion show end of june in Essaouira :-) ...and have now to sew some custom made orders, too ;-) happy sunday!

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