...delirium! :-)
there are so much nice little shops in the grand bazaar of Istanbul....

but this one....is very special for all the embroidery lovers....

filled with hundreds of vintage clothes from India, bright colours and breathtaking embroidery....

should I take this one, probably...?

...or that one? ;-) a little voice told me "buy it, now"!! ....and I bought this little turquoise jacket made from shimmery tissue silk and pinkish red trim...and of course...beautiful embroidery :-)

Sometimes I am thinking about all the stories behind the vintage treasures, the history and who made it once? I will never find out who created this beautiful jacket but its a honour for me that I found it and now want to wear it...from time to time :-)


  1. OMG, both those jackets are just stunning! If I go back to Istanbul, I will have to ask for the address!

  2. ...some little fairy told me that you probably like those jackets.... ;-) ;-)