Mrs. Bolle (19??-2009)

...was her name....

...a nice girl from Austria...she found her love in Hannover.....she loved the cats....and the cigarettes....she was the kind, little post office of the house....she was the lovely ghost of the house.....and she lived next door....and she left... yesterday....forever....!

dearest Mrs. Bolle,
wherever you are, you will be unforgotten....I liked you so much, you always told me that the Kaiser Franz was the lucky one who married Sissi....

yours bavarian girl

P.S.: Mrs. Bolle is not a cat she was our neighbour who lived downstairs, but I have no picture and the cat above is looking like her cat... ;-)


  1. Hi Petra,
    Mrs.Bolle remind me to my lovely cat Minka, she looks like her. I feel confident cats have a lot of talents and one of them is to be a good house-ghost :-).
    I have found my cats in Italy, in a little box on the road, hardly aged two weeks. And they are loving italian Parmesan...;-)
    greetings to you

  2. Hi Susanne,
    I just got the biggest smile for this week on my face ;-) ...Mrs. Bolle was a nice elderly woman *hihi* but her cat, is looking like the one on the picture ;-) ;-)
    This makes me smile again..

  3. ups ;-)
    Hi Petra,
    *hihihi*..and I thought, what a cute name for a cat....and what extraordinary characteristics she had ;-)...she´s loving cigarettes ?!? ok ;-)!
    I´m so laughing too....;-)
    Mrs Bolle was surely an extraordinary woman...like a "Concierge"?! You know the book "Die Eleganz des Igels"? I love it and it tells of the life of an extraordinary concierge ;-)
    laughing greetings :-)