kids henna day :-)

it´s always a pleasure for me to carry some henna with me....

... and spend a nice afternoon with my supersweet nieces and nephew in the patio....

...to make a little painted gift for the kids :-)

...finally my nephew decided to create his own design...

..he´s also very talented like the girls, probably one of them become once a henna artist, too? ;-)

My sister-in-law told me that the fine line henna is very expensive in Jordan (about 45 JD) and is mostly rare offered in bride hair dressing saloons. I brought with me superfine Indian Henna powder for her, so my two lovely sisters-in-law can spend lots of nice afternoons with the kids in the patio :-)


  1. oh petra,
    that´s so great pictures. i´m curious about your report by our next meeting :-).
    sunny regards

  2. I love the pictures of the painted hands. One can see that the kids have fun :-)!
    a lot of regards