happy sunday....

....and a little eye candy found in the Souks of Marrakech, Essaouira, Amman & Istanbul :-)

berry shades of heavy embroidered fabric from Damascus, beaded and embroidered vintage medaillons from Uzbekistan, the colour scheme goes perfect with the vintage calligraphy bowls I had found last year in November at our friend Mustafa´s Shop in Essaouira :-)

vintage Ikat bowls from Uzbekistan...did I ever told you that I probably addicted to blue and white bowls in general?... no vacation, no one-day trip and I am not coming back home with another version of one or two blue and white bowls.... ;-)

...some bright yellow Babouche from Marrakech...*loveit* ...striped and embroidered fabric in fresh green, turqouise and lemon shades from Damascus (found in the fantastic fabric shop in Amman) and rare vintage Medaillons decorated with little mirrorwork, metalzari and beads :-)

...watch the beauty of the cream and golden fabric with the little black pattern at Esra´s blog :-)

Usually the fabrics from Damascus are used traditional for nice caftans and robes, I visited the little fabric shop twice (first visit = colourflash overloaded *hehe*) and whilest I was there a nice lady bought so much fabric, too....she even can´t carry the fabric.... the owner of the fabric shop told me that she´s also a dressmaker and I watched what kind of colour combination she bought....

I found out that the favourite colour combinations in Jordan are this few colours: deep red and berry shades, cream, coffee brown, dusky lilac and violet and a hint of greens and blues.

... it goes perfect with all the golden shades....the most popular colour in the middle east, probably.... ;-)

Happy Sunday :-)

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