essaouira love colour sneak peak :-) III

...do you remember this and this magic colour combinations?

finally I choose today all the colours for the 3rd colour combination of my new summer collection "ranipink essaouira love" :-)

...bright silk in fantastic colours like iridescent seafom turquoise, teal shades and lemon citrine goes perfect with frosted gold and safran yellow....

...handmade jewellery which is made from gemstone nuggets, czech glassbeads and vintage silver beads and moroccan tassels...

... clothes decorated with glassbead, austrian crystal and sequin embroidery, traditional moroccan lace and buttons :-)

Now I spend every day a few hours between my two-day-a-week job at H&M and custom made orders in the studio with working for the fashion show end of June in Morocco.
I am so inspired by my travels the last few months...inspiration overloaded and I don´t know how it will be until everything is finished :-) stay tuned, sneak peaks and details for the fashion show are coming soon...:-)


  1. Saffron and turquoise! What a wonderful combination! Love it!

  2. oh petra, sorry but i saw the new labels only now :-). super :-).
    from now it will be go uphill :-). i`m not sure, if someone, who´s speaking really english, understand one of my words. but that´s not important. hihi. i have a lot of fun :-).