deli at home :-)

the breakfast:

...the perfect way to start the oriental day with zatar, a traditional spice mix from Palestine served with olive oil, enjoy this with fresh flat bread and tea....tomato & cucumber slices, white soft cheese and scrambled eggs cumin flavoured....

the lunch:

.... lemon scented olive preserve from the olive trees in the patio...*loveit*...

...homemade flat bread layered hoummos (made from chick peas) served with roasted pine nuts, olives, zatar and white cheese...*delicious*

the dinner:

...the most delicious summak chicken ever...spicy roasted chicken layered between some special flat bread and lots of onions and roasted pine nuts, served with yoghurt....

My supersweet mother-in-law and her supercute sister (when she lived in Kuwait, she became the cook for the secretary of defense) are amazing cooking sisters ;-) ...there is no dish I don´t love when we spend some time "at home". I want to say "thanks so much for everything" to this two wonderful women -they are very special like two queens from a oriental tale- and family who stepped into my life some years ago :-)


  1. wow...that is breakfast?!? It sounds very mouth-watering ;-)! I taste a little of the hoummus and the chicken...virtual ;-)!

  2. This looks wonderful, delicious!