curious bag finding...

..in the heart of the old souk in Amman....

...in a shop filled with minimum 1001 vintage treasures....

...hundreds of beautiful bedouin pillows, magic carpets and vintage stuff I´d never seen before....

...a cauri shell embroidered very old leather bag...I asked myself, "hey little Gnaoua style bag, where are you came from, did you found the way with a camel caravane in past times to this place"??

...and a little, poor crocodile crossed my way :-( ...you will better just take a picture of the little crocodile, otherwise you will be arrested at the customs for sure!!!


  1. dear petra,
    great new banner, perfect for the raniPINK ag "hihi". greetings to your secretary mister O.
    ps: i miss the "home-click" in the banner :-).

  2. Hi darling P,
    Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Do tell us what you bought among all those goodies!

    PS So sad and depressed. Khalid took my lemon citrine skirt to the dry cleaners and they ruined it. It is now green and has lost all its luster. Its beauty gone.

  3. sweet Maryam,...the dry cleaner is in danger, now!! Don´t be depressed and sad, a little fairy just told me there is a new citrine one for you :-)