24 hours...

...fresh cardamom coffee to go in Jordan!

Wherever you passing by this little trolleys....

...or little shops with the most beautiful decorated silver coffeepots...

...take a break and order fresh coffee :-)

We ordered my last coffee inbetween midnight and the sunrise before I left to Istanbul about one week ago...

..and I must say, I´ve got the sweetest and strongest coffee ever in my live....!

This "coffee thing" is one of the things I really love in Jordan, in general I have to say "the country is very different and very difficult".....!

P.S.: I am still thinking about this: "how to get one of this huge, silver beauties back home....?!"


  1. oh yes.. I've had this coffee.. when I was in jordan... Its soooo strong!!! If you are not used to it... then you'll be awake all day!!

  2. this is so true..usually I have 3 times a day cardamom mocca *redface* ;-)