teatime & coffeebreak pillows....

Do you remember the magic suzani laundry?

I received another magic little parcel last week, filled with some new silks in bright colours.......fantastic iridescent bronzed violet and bright purple berry silk goes perfect with the faded lavender vintage suzani and add some extra sparkle...little cute silver sequins.... :-)

...surounded by the magic silk and the vintage suzanis, I created this weekend some new cozy little pillows and thought about the embroidery....does it mean a coffeepot or a teapot...or probably Aladdin´s magic lantern?? questions over questions....then whilest I took the pictures...I watched the pattern of the moroccan metal lantern in another way...it looks so similar to some traditional suzani embroideries.....more questions over questions to ask for....;-)

P.S.:...the wallpaint in our living room is still lavender...do you remember? We decided a few weeks ago that we probably paint it in bright ultramarine....but actually it looks like that we can´t manage it within the next 3 months...sometimes it´s easier to sew some new pillows to change the look ;-)


  1. hallo liebe petra,
    ja, komme morgen auch. muß doch meine hühnerfarm abholen :-).
    freue mich. bis morgen

  2. ooh they are really beautiful!