sunday morning again....

..please, take a seat....

...would you join me with a cup of cardamom scented coffee?

...the fluffy cat is looking forward to join the silent morning with you, too....

...anyone a short flight with the magic carpet???

...I love the sunday morning silence, everything is quiet, a few little birds are singing in the maple tree.....*eeek* something disturb the silence...the two cat´s are fighting....*meow*...I am thinking about the next upcoming weeks, I´ll be going in two weeks for another weekend trip to Morocco and plan to travel to Jordan two weeks later...how would it be there after my last visit five years ago? I should try to speak more classic arabic from now because my mother-in-law do not understand "derija" *hehe*.....the husband is still sleeping and the cats, too...I would go downstairs now to pick up some nice items to take pictures for my online-shop....Happy Sunday! :-)
P.S.: this is a part of our living room about two years ago :-)


  1. you, my dear, are very oriental ? explain ;P

  2. Your blog is gorgeous, very inspiring for me.


  3. your blog is just gorgeous!! lovely!!