ranipink home sneak peak :-)

Today: a glimpse of our living room :-)
...two lazy cats...probably thinking "what would she say if we play with her knitting yarn..."??
I don´t know how much books and magazines I collected through the years....probably 1001??
...some of my favourite vintage berber pillows from morocco...*cozy*

...a different view lantern view....

I love the violet Bali umbrella and the yellow, flower embroidered vintage umbrella from India..the little palm tree makes me happy. Our two cats prefer from time to time the taste of the palm leaves.....

...If I am "not working" I like it to spend some time with knitting huge shawls...at this time the knit goes perfect with the lavender-lilac wallpaint..... ;-)


  1. to get a glimpse in your room is like a breeze of summer. I like that so much :-)!
    greetings and a wonderful weekend

  2. renate7.4.09

    What a sweet pair of cats you have! I love those bali parasols, too, but my darling bf hates them so it had to stay in the shop... :-(

  3. very pretty... very warm!!! Love the bali umbrella!!

  4. Oh I love this glimpse into your home. Lovely colors!