happy sunday :-)

I am leaving in a few hours...I am very excited....
..to another oriental country far away....

....very different and difficult to my beloved Morocco...

...dusty and salty...very salty..and very hot from time to time.....where are the bright oriental colours in this country? Could I find the colours at this time??

There is a little cream house somewhere in between...probably the lemon and orange trees in the little garden are flower overloaded.....and the old olive trees, too? Could I smell tonight probably the orange blossom scent while enjoy a little glass of supersweet, strong black tea scented with light green lemon tree leaves? How would the weather be there? warm or hot?? Tonight...I will know...!
happy sunday :-)

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  1. Your packages have also left.. on a happy Monday! :) Hope you´re having a great time!! Liebe Grüße from your Neigbour