sequin love :-)

...who of us girls do not love the magic sparkling of hundreds of sequins?? I watched this great Berber style wedding blanket a few weeks ago in Marrakech, whenever I am watching something like this, I wish I can immediately start with doing some embroidery work....

...when I was a little girl, I had a little box filled with hundreds of sequins in different shapes and colours...and the first experience with sequin embroidery was to do some ancient egypt inspired dress for the "Fasching" (the german carnival in February) which was made from white bedlinnen with a huge collar and sequin embroidery...the problem...I was running out of sequins, so I never finished the dress... :-(

now, I became a millionaire the last few years, a sequin millionaire :-)

I was so bored for four weeks last summer, I had to wear a cast because of my broken hand and could not work in the studio...then I decided to start with some left handed projects :-)....it took me more than one week to finish just one of this cute cosmetic zipper bags with heavy embroidery...but the result was it worth :-)

I started working a few weeks ago with my new summer collection, inspired by the colours of morocco....and of course with lots of embroidery work, a few pictures are coming soon, the full collection will be probably shown also in Morocco this summer...more about this nice plan in a few weeks :-)
P.S.:....am I crazy?? I just booked a flight....guess where I am going soon...;-)

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