grandpa & granddaughter style :-)

Since my visit last weekend at home in Bavaria, I am exploring my grandpa´s adventures in the 50s of the last century in two nice photo books he borrowed me . He took lots of nice and magic pictures from his travel and work in africa and the middle east.

I am smiling every time watching this nice picture, someone had taken in egypt from him, he had worn more than 50 years ago a similar fashion style I like so much to wear....

...my favourite comfortable and cozy desert style wool pants (Comme des Garcons for H&M) and boots are going perfect with the indigo, safran and raspberry pink tie tyed cotton shawl ;-) also wearable in summer with classic moroccan babouche or sparkling embroidered indian leather slippers....:-) ...summer where are you???? ...a glimpse of summer will be with me in about 3 weeks on my next short vacation....:-)

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  1. dear petra,
    who are you? you are all right? i hope so.
    i´m think of you.