magic suzani laundry :-)

last tuesday, I went very excited to my "favourite" office...the customs....and so what....a little parcel sewed in cream cotton and sealed with red wax waited for me *yippie*...a very friendly guy (probably turban headed?) in Uzbekistan had send some surprises to me....

... the little parcel was filled with bright and colourful vintag suzani fabrics with little teapot embroidery and fantastic patterns....

after I finished my studio work I decided first of all, doing some suzani laundry washing....and something magic happened....

the suzani before washing

the suzani after washing...it faded and dyed itself from white into a fantastic lavender and mauve shade and the embroidery got a mysterious dark look...WOW :-) ...thank you, my magic washing machine! :-) :-)


  1. petra :-)12.1.09

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  2. Oh, this is truly amazing, my dear !
    I totally love the new shades !!!

  3. Renate13.1.09

    What luck that your suzani came out of the wash so well... I had less luck - the purple embroidery left dark (uneven) marks in the yellow embroidery. Ah well. It is still pretty.

  4. Hi Renate :-)
    I washed it at 60° because the suzani had some yellowish "suspect" stains and hang it up for drying immediately after I finished the washing, once it happened the same with some cotton sarees to me because I left it in the washing machine for one hour after the washing had finished.