good morning marrakech :-)

I just arrived from my two day sewing trip in Essaouira in Marrakech.....and need some strong and aromatic coffee, please..... :)
the sewing adventure in Essaouira became a desaster.....the old sewing machine had broken the electricity down....(not the city at all, just in one house.....)....I asked myself so many times how could I finish this huge project, soon.....now I know the answer....first of all, I am going for breakfast right now and shopping in the Marrakech Bazar :)

P.S.: more pictures coming soon......

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  1. Petra your vacation looks very nice! Did Osama go with you? I was thinking about you both the other day and wondered if Osama watched the news and saw Obama being sworn in as our new President. I thought he would have liked it because Obama stated his middle name and it was just wonderful! He said "Barack Hussein Obama"!! Yay!