fresh bazar findings :-)

There is another, different way to go for shopping in the bazar of Marrakech...I always love to look for new Babouche colours, fabrics and tassels but there is so much more to explore....

...and here is the latest "jabane collection" :-) sweet and sticky moroccan nougat made from roasted sesame seeds, almonds, peanuts, coconuts and honey....flavoured with orange flower water and spices.
I love the green nougat made from pistachios and the white orange flower flavoured one with a glass of fresh mint tea :-)

..may you like something fresh? Try the fresh pineapple and coconut slices...delicious!!

Finally I bought some different olives from Essaouira and salted lemon preserve, too. The salted lemons are going perfect with the Tajine, a traditional moroccan dish cooked in a pottery with chicken, green olives, spices and vegetables or the everyday moroccan salad made from cucumber, tomato, red onion, cumin and chopped salted lemon.
Have you ever seen olives in pink, purple and cream shades? Sometimes simple things like the colours of olives can be the inspiration for the next project......:-)


  1. ... and i thought, it is soap not chocolate :-)

  2. Bianca ;-) ...may I should buy some soap this weekend, too ;-) ;-) ...vielleicht sollte ich dieses Wochenende dann mal nach Seife Ausschau halten *hihi*

  3. The pineapple looks wonderful; my favorite fruit. The colors all so visually tempting.