the visitor :-)

a little cute visitor walked through some beads and sequins today....

...whilest I´ve done some embroidery work....

...the cute little ladybug became a great explorer at the scissor....:-)

...this is the finished vintage silk brocade belt and the cute bag for one of my customers....

..where is the ladybug gone??...would I meet this cute friend tomorrow again??


flowers for all :-)

Thanks very much to all of you visiting my blog the last few days....

I am still very, very impressed :-)


Ikat wrap :-)

...this morning a mysterious, sealed parcel arrived...from a country far away somewhere in Asia....

What could this little parcel contains? ...some magic secrets from the silkroad?....some spices from countries far away??....questions over questions....:-)

...after unpacking this little thing...the bright colours lightened up my studio immediately....

...what a perfect handloomed bright and shimmery Ikat silk, this is a real treasure for me :-)

I decided to wrap the entire fabric around me to take this little picture this morning before I started my work...
6 yards of fantastic silk for some new fantastic projects....next style of the week?? Lots of nice ideas are surounded me every time today I had watched this georgeous ethnic fabric....be anxious about what´s coming soon made from it :-)

the bride....

..is such a very kind, warmheartet and lovely girl....

...so we still spend hours and hours to do the sparkling and shimmering embroidery on her wedding gown for the most important day in her life....

..hundreds of finest crystals from austria...thousands of delicate pearl satin sequins....some freshwater pearls and little turquoise glassbeads.....

Thank you so much Esra, for helping me with this big project :-)

P.S.:..more pictures of the completed wedding gown in about one week :-)


Thè á la menthe....

á la ranipink.....

.......add some fresh and sparkling mint green vintage fabric with silver embroidery...some teal inner lining...."stir well"...and a few hours later enjoy wearing the coat :-) ..attention!! ...views are guaranteed!


Corinna O´Brien

I lost my heart....

...to this comfortable pillows....

...and the red oriental slippers....

...want some fresh eggplant for dinner tonight?

I really felt completely in Love with Corinna O´Brien`s amazing paintings, take a look at the lovely details...this are the most wonderful paintings I´ve ever seen...fresh and modern...and of course oriental :-)

pictures are taken from Corinna O´Brien www.corinnaobrien.com


babouche love :-)

Maryam´s babouche post a few days ago inspired me for some thoughts....

...what would we do without our comfortable babouches after a day with hard work?
...do you babouche??
....questions over questions to ask for....!

...never leave the house without wearing your favourite pair of it...!
....I wish, I could meet once that guy who created the fist pair of this fantastic shoes...just to say "thank you, great job done" :-)
...if you wear babouches, the world is getting slowly around you and relaxation starts immediately....:-)

What are your thoughts about the babouches?

Now, it´s mocca time :-) my beloved husband just served me strong and sweet, cardamom scented mocca with little date cakes....*yummy*...of course, I am wearing yellow babouches with sparkling embroidery :-)

style of the week :-)

...this is my favourite style of the week....

...the white linnen tunic, grey wrap jacket goes perfect with light grey vintage slim denim pants and the japanese style vintage brocade belt....don´t forget the silver ballerinas :-)



"good morning ranipink ahemm...raniblue"????

I was really thinking a while about it last night, posting nightwatch pictures of my new decorated studio window. At least I decided "why not".....?!

Now you can watch the really beauty of the coat, especially the colour, one of the most popular colours in my studio for custom made orders.

I love all the colours of the world...but the blue is still with me....I am very, very inspired by some sahara and desert influences, actually I finished most of the plans for new projects for spring/summer 2009....I believe that special blue shades like indigo, ultramarine and cobalt are becoming more popular next summer...pssst..no secrets about my summer projects anymore until January 2009 ;-)


ranipink at night :-)

...want watching my new decorated studio window this night? :-)

I just finished today this light indigo blue silk coat project, in between all the custom made orders I do from time to time some another projects to refill my studio...:-)

...take a look at sultanissima´s beautiful vintage amber necklace with antique silver tassel....some sparkling heavy embroidered cosmetic zipper bags...the indigo blue brocade japanese style belt and the red and golden polka dot pillow made from indian vintage brocade...:-)

...want stay this night? ....please feel comfortable between colourful cozy pillows from handloomed uzbek ikat and moroccan sabra in the golden bed......sweet dreams guaranteed :-)

...need comfortable slippers matching your pyjama colour? Maryam, let´s have some pyjama party and don´t forget the babouches!

...please don´t forget to take your jewellery off in the little bamboo basket with the little silk flower :-)

good night and sweet dreams!

P.S.:...daylight pictures are coming next morning!


style of the week :-)

it´s Monday morning, time to choose my style of the week :-)

I love to wear my classic, white linnen pants, my favourite slinky wrap dress, the blue shawl, silver ballerinas and a handmade, blue pure silk belt with indian inspired embroidery :-)

Have a nice day :-) My sewing machine is asking for me........!